Oil-immersed series ofJLS-3, 6, 10/high- pressure metering boxes

The high-voltage power meter is installed in the box, without the watt- hour meter, called the combined transformer, and the AC oil-immersed outdoor type (also suitable for indoors). It is a metering device for directly measuring active and reactive energy in high-voltage lines. Applicable to three-phase AC with rated frequency 50, 60Hz; 10KV, 6KV, 3KV system network. It has the advantages of high precision, light reset, convenient installation and anti-theft of electricity. By the majority of power supply departments welcome.
The three-phase three-wire meter box is composed of two single- phase voltage and current transformers, and the three- phase four -wire meter box is composed of three single- phase voltage and current transformers. The casing is installed on the panel, and the outside surface is equipped with a watt- hour meter for metering.

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Shape and installation dimensions


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