Digital Transformation Path of Box-type Substation


What is digital cloud box-type substation?
Box-type substation, also known as prefabricated substation or prefabricated substation, It is a compact high-voltage and low-voltage power distribution equipment that organically combines the functions of transformer voltage reduction and low-voltage power distribution, and is installed in a moisture-proof, rust proof, dust-proof, rat proof, fire-proof, anti-theft, heat insulation, fully enclosed and movable steel structure box. It is especially suitable for urban network construction and transformation occasions such as mines, factories and enterprises, oil and gas fields and wind power stations. With the advantages of standardized prefabrication, land saving and rapid installation, it has replaced the original civil construction power distribution room and power distribution station and become a new complete set of power distribution equipment.

The gradual maturity and wide application of cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, mobile Internet and other new technologies provide sufficient conditions for the upgrading of traditional box type substation to digital box type substation. Based on the Internet of things and big data, the digital transformation of the traditional box-type substation and the equipment inside the box-type substation is carried out to realize the "cloud" operation mode of remote data collection inside the container transformer + real-time operation monitoring + automatic warning and alarm + mobile emergency repair, which is the digital cloud container transformer.


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Pain points of the existing box-type substation’s operation and maintenance
(1)Heat dissipation and condensation: Due to the compact structure and narrow space of the box, it is not conducive to heat dissipation, and the box is prone to operation failure in long-term high temperature in summer. The working environment of the box transformer is outdoors. When the external temperature changes greatly, condensation will occur when the operating temperature of the equipment in the box reaches a certain limit with the external temperature difference.

(2)Lightning strike: Some boxes are installed in remote open areas, where there are no tall buildings around to shelter them. In thunderstorm weather, they are prone to lightning attack and even lead to fire.。

(3)Transformer fault: The internal transformer of box is prone to abnormal sound, abnormal temperature and transformer oil leakage due to operation. Limited by space, transformer faults are difficult to be replaced. If it needs to be replaced or expanded, construction is difficult.

(4)Capacitor failure: Some box-type substation use intensive capacitors. Once the insulating oil leaks, there may be a fire or even explosion.

Due to the lack of relevant data collection, analysis and reporting capabilities, traditional box transformer is greatly affected by the above problems, which restrict the application of box transformer in some scenarios.

Digital transformation path of box-type substation – based on SEIoT platform
For the traditional box-type substation to go to the cloud, the first thing is to realize the comprehensive digital information collection of box-type substation, mainly including:
(1)Power distribution equipment: Online monitoring of electrical parameters, mechanical properties, bus temperature, insulation performance, etc.;

(2)Cable: Temperature online monitoring;

(3)Transformer: Online monitoring of overheating, discharge and dampness;

(4)Box: Online monitoring of temperature, humidity and noise in the box, video monitoring.

On this basis, real-time operation status information data is collected through the edge computing gateway and uploaded to the SEIoT cloud platform of the Power Distribution Department, and the cloud power distribution room solution is used to quickly realize the energy efficiency management, intelligent operation and big data analysis services of the cloud box transformer.
Based on the SEIoT cloud platform and digital suite of Shanghai Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd., the digital transformation scheme to realize the rapid cloud going of traditional box type substation is shown in the following figure:


Compared with the traditional local DTU/SCADA acquisition and monitoring scheme, the digital cloud type-box substation solution can quickly realize the operation and maintenance management, data analysis, abnormal warning and other functions of Web terminal and mobile App on the basis of the original equipment protection function.


Special functions of digital cloud box-type substation
Digital box-type substation becoming online can collect, test and monitor the running status of important equipment in power transformation and distribution, timely and accurately grasp the operation status of equipment, discover various deterioration processes and degrees of equipment, realize maintenance and replacement before possible failure or performance degradation to affect normal work, and avoid endanger safety accidents. Thus effectively guarantee the safe, reliable and economic operation of the box transformer.

1Health analysis of transformers

Health analysis of transformers focuses on real-time monitoring of transformer operation data and alarm, including: current, voltage, power factor, load rate and other information, so that managers can intuitively and efficiently grasp the transformer operation data. On this basis, the platform calculates the transformer health degree through the transformer health mechanism model, and gives reasonable operation and maintenance suggestions based on the weather big data and disaster weather warning information, which can effectively realize the predictive operation and maintenance of the transformer.


2Environmental monitoring and meteorological warning

In view of the compact structure of the box-type substation, which is prone to high temperature and condensation, the operating environment of each box transformer is evaluated through the collection and comparison of temperature and humidity inside and outside the box, combined with the disaster weather warning of meteorological big data, and combined with the noise data in the box, so as to effectively prevent the failure disasters caused by heat dissipation and condensation.


3Mobile terminal alarm

Compared with the traditional local office of the fault alarm, digital cloud box alarm types are more flexible, in addition to the side of platform screen through sound, flash, and messages in a variety of ways to inform the person on duty, but also support the field operations staff App, SMS, WeChat small programs, and other mobile? ?terminal? ?alarm? ? mode.


Post time: Jul-08-2022
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